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Become a Vendor

Dealer Information (860) 456-2578

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Rules & Regulations

  • No sales before 8am (Town regulation)
  • No sales after 3pm - Premises must be cleared by 4pm
  • No animals including pets
  • No explosives, weapons, firearms or guns of any kind including toys and replicas, bows and/or arrows, swords, knives (most small kitchen utensils acceptable) ammunition, flammables, alcoholic beverages, pornographic materials, smoking paraphernalia or any item of an illegal nature may be sold, swapped or displayed.
  • Sale of food and beverage other than produce is prohibited unless cleared by marketplace management. The management reserves the right to limit food sales at its own discretion.
  • Dealers are responsible for their own trash and unsold items. If you can’t sell it take it with you.
  • The management reserves the right of eviction, the right to eliminate any items for sale, swap or display, and the right to take any action it deems necessary to provide reasonable care and protection to people and property on its premises.

Liability Limitations:

By accepting the assignment of a dealer space and payment of dealer fee, Dealer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Licensee and Owner of the premises against all claims of loss or injury and damage to persons or property arising out of or in any way related to Dealer's operations including all costs, expenses and attorney's fees incurred by or on account of Licensee or Owner.

Mansfield Marketplace specifically disclaims any responsibility for damages, injuries or loss to persons entering its premises, including fire, theft, breakage or collision, regardless of cause.

Rates and Other Information

Days & Times:
Every Sunday 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. • Setup 7:00 am

Indoor Spaces: This building has low ceiling height on one side. On that side customers are not allowed to enter your space. They can easily see your entire space from the pedestrian walkway inside the building. Spaces with low ceiling height are $25.00 per week. Other spaces are $35.00 & $45.00 per week. Indoor vendors who rent by the month may leave their items in the building during the week. The building is alarmed. We also have indoor set-up times on Thursdays and Saturdays 10:00AM - 2:00PM

Outdoor Spaces: Standard spaces $30.00 per week ($32 Credit Card); $25.00 per week if paid monthly in advance. Shaded spaces (Q20-Q32 & R17-R27) $35.00 per week ($37 Credit Card); $30.00 per week if paid monthly in advance. XL spaces $45.00 per week($47 Credit Card); $35.00 per week if paid monthly in advance. One space is the area between two speaker poles. Dealers will set up to share a common public sales aisle and a common dealer parking lane. Dealers will see that these common areas are kept clear.

Tables: $5.00 rental each ($6 Credit Card); $4.00 if paid monthly in advance tax included. Flea Market employees set up and take down.

CT States Sales Tax:

Connecticut state sales tax registration forms are available at the dealer information desk near the rest rooms in the Marketplace building.

Nonprofit Organizations

Just leave us an email or call us at 860-456-2578 with information about your nonprofit organization. Give us a proposed date for your fundraiser. We'll get back to you to set you up with free indoor space.