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Rules & Regulations

  • No sales before 8am (Town regulation)
  • No sales after 2pm - Premises must be cleared by 3pm
  • No animals including pets
  • No explosives, weapons, firearms or guns of any kind including replicas, bows and/or arrows, ammunition, flammables, alcoholic beverages, pornographic materials, smoking paraphernalia or any item of an illegal nature may be sold, swapped or displayed. (Swords and knives maybe sold but must be in a display case and can only be handled by the dealer)
  • Sale of food (including baked goods) and beverage other than produce is prohibited unless cleared by marketplace management
  • Dealers are responsible for their own trash and unsold items. If you can’t sell it take it with you.
  • The management reserves the right of eviction, the right to eliminate any items for sale, swap or display, and the right to take any action it deems necessary to provide reasonable care and protection to people and property on its premises.