The safety of our guests and staff and community are of the utmost importance. We will be taking the following precautions to ensure everyone’s safety.


We will only be showing single features movies on each screen and staggering their start times. Carload Wednesday’s are postponed.


We will be lowering the amount of cars on the premises each night and will be parking 1 car between 2 poles to maintain social distancing and allow 10 feet between each car. Please park to the left side of the spot next to a pole. Customers must remain in their vehicles or truck bed at all times except to use the restrooms and must wear masks if leaving their cars. Lawn chairs are now allowed to be set up however, they must be directly in front of your car. There will still be an open spot next to each car to ensure social distancing – lawn chairs cannot be placed in those spots. If you chose to sit outside your car in a lawn chair, a mask must be worn.
We will have single stall bathrooms located around our field that will be sanitized routinely throughout the night. Customers must wear a mask when exiting their vehicles at any time.
Our snack bar will be offering food through the Noble phone app or by visiting or on your smartphone. We are offering delivery or a pickup window. If you chose to pick up your food, please make sure that you wear a mask, and observe our social distancing cones by the pickup window and remain 6 feet away from others to ensure everyone’s safety.
Our employees will be retrained on sanitation protocol. They will be wearing masks and gloves and will maintain social distancing between each other.
Our playground will be closed until further notice.




We thank everyone for your continued support! We are excited to be able to provide a safe activity for all.