Frequently Asked Questions


Have another question that isn’t answered here? Send us an email under the contact page and we can help you out! Or give us a call at (860)456-2578.

For Flea Market Information Please Visit Our Flea Market Page
Can I bring my pets?
As of 4/9/2021 we will be allowing friendly dogs to join you at the movies (pets are not allowed at the flea market)! Please abide by the following guidelines so that we can continue to allow our furry friends:
*Please keep your pup leashed and under control at all times.
*You may be asked to leave if your dog barks or disrupts the movie.
*Please clean up after your dog. If you need another bag, feel free to ask someone at the snack bar (or bring your own).
*Pets are not allowed in the Snack Bar or restrooms 
We hope to be able to allow dogs at our drive-in long term. Please by mindful of these guidelines. Pets are not allowed at the flea market.
How much are tickets?
Adults (12+) – $13 
Children (4-11) – $9
Military with ID at gate – $9
Seniors (65+) – $9
Carload night (June date TBD) – $26
Children 3 and under are free! 
Tickets are PER PERSON except for on Carload Wednesday. Each ticket gets you in for BOTH movies. 
Military tickets are only valid for those with an ID.
Prices subject to change and prices may differ for special events. 
What is Carload Wednesday?

Starting in mid-June (date to be determined), each car gets in for $26 regardless of the amount of occupants in your car on Wednesdays only

Please note that also means if you only have 1 or 10 people in your car, it will still be a flat rate of $26.

How do I get food?
The snack bar is now open again to the public! Come on through to order your favorite snacks in person.
What time should I arrive?

Friday and Saturday are our busiest nights. We open gates around 7:15 and recommend to get here as at least an hour before show time! Parking is first come first serve. 

I bought the wrong tickets, what should I do?

If you have purchased the wrong tickets for the wrong day or the wrong movie, please reach out to us as soon as you can via email (contact us page) or phone (860-456-2578 ext. 4)! We can assist you in correcting your tickets. Please DO NOT purchase more tickets as online ticket are non-refundable. 

What is Mansfield Drive-in’s number one priority?
Your safety, of course! Please drive carefully and watch for children. Speed Limit is 10 MPH. Report any unsafe conditions to any staff member. We are here to help so just ask. NO FIRES OR GRILLES.
When do you open and close?

Movies are open April –  mid October (dates and months subject to change)

  • April, May and beginning of June (Fridays Saturdays & Sundays)
  • Mid June, July and August (Open Every Night, Carload Wednesday’s resume)
  • September- Mid October (Friday, Saturday and Sundays)
  • Gates Open at 7:15pm (October 6:45pm)
  • Flea Market open every Sunday 8am- 2pm (Mid March – Thanksgiving)
Are you hiring?
We are always looking to expand our team! Were looking for snack bar attendants, parking attendants or flea market crew workers. Please refer to our Contact Us tab!
Do I get to watch two movies with one ticket?

Yes! We show double features on each screen, that’s two full length movies, one after the other with a 10 minute intermission in between them.

How do I purchase tickets?

At the gate: You can purchase tickets with cash or credit card daily at the front gates starting at 7:15pm.

Online: We recommend you purchase tickets online at YOU CAN REDEEM YOUR TICKETS WITH THE CONFIRMATION CODE, THE CARD USED FOR THE PURCHASE OR PRINT OUT THE BAR CODE PAGE. Online tickets are non-refundable

Can I bring my own food, snacks, and drinks?
Drive-ins generate most of their revenue from food and drink sales so please come early and visit the restaurant.
How do I hear the movies?

We broadcast sound through our own FM frequencies. You will need to have a working car radio or boom box. 

We do have a limited amount of radios for rent at the Snack Bar for $5.

Do I have to turn my headlights off?

In order for the picture to project clearly on our screen, all headlights must be turned off so we can have the best picture quality for all of our guests. We recommend learning how to turn your headlights completely off before arriving (parking lights also need to be off). If you are unable to turn your headlights off, you may be asked to come back a different night or you can plan ahead and bring blankets to cover your lights with!

Do you offer group pricing or discount tickets?
Yes, have your next shindig with us! For information, please contact us through our contact page.
Do you offer discounts for large groups?
Yes, we offer discounts for groups larger than 100 people. Please contact us in advance.
What is your rain check policy?
We are open rain or (star)shine. We only offer rain checks if the weather prevents us from continuing to show the movie. Otherwise, our screens are quite visible through rain. Sorry, tickets are non-refundable.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We gladly accept cash, VISA/MasterCard, Discover and debit cards with the VISA/MasterCard logo. We do not accept checks.
Do you offer gift certificates or gift cards?

Gift cards can be bought on site or on our online shopping page.

Can I bring my large vehicle, camper, bus, etc?
As long as it will fit in one standard sized parking space. If your vehicle is larger, please contact us in advance and we will try our best to make it work.
Can I leave my car running during the show?

We prefer that you turn off your car during the movies, however, if necessary, you may keep your car running if you don’t have the following:

  1. After market muffler
  2. Diesel Engine
  3. Running / Head lights that stay on
  4. Unusually loud engine or fan

Staffing and management can ask any guests to turn off their engine if it is causing disturbance to other guests. 

Can I sit outside of my car in lawn chairs?
You are welcome to sit outside your vehicle, in lawn chairs or on blankets. We do ask that you place lawn chairs in front of your car so that you do not take up additional parking. For safety and courtesy of others, we cannot allow you to sit on top of your vehicle.
Can I turn my SUV/ van/ truck around and open the hatch?

So that everyone can see, ALL VEHICLES OVER 5 FEET ARE REQUIRED TO PARK AT YELLOW POLES. We want you to be as comfortable as you can while you watch your movies, so feel free to turn your vehicle around. Please be sure that your dome lights are turned off so not to bother other movie-goers. We ask that your hatch is about LEVEL with the roof of your car. We recommend bringing your own rope or bungee cords to tie your hatch down. Rope for tying down hatches is available at the theatre.

For safety reasons, we cannot allow people to sit or lay down on roofs. 

Do I have to stay for both movies? Can I arrive later for the second movie only?

Please feel free to arrive and leave at any time. Our box office remains open until approximately 15 minutes after the latest starting second feature. If you arrive for your movie after it has started, please drive slowly and carefully and turn off your lights as soon as you are parked. The ticket prices are the same if you stay for both movies or only wish to see one.

Do you have a playground?

Our playground is located in a grove of trees on the North side of the field and closes at dusk.

What if my car battery dies during the movie?

If your battery dies and you are unable to restart your car, please come to the snack bar and speak with any staff member. We have portable battery chargers for your assistance.

What if the person next to me is unruly or disruptive?

For your safety, please do not approach unruly or disruptive customers. Please report any unruly or disruptive behavior to the parking attendant or to management at the snack bar. The management reserves the right to ask anyone being disruptive to leave at any time without a refund.

What day of the week do you update the website to show upcoming movies for the weekend?

The movies for the weekend are posted on the website on Monday afternoon.